Industrial Automation Solutions

With robust R&D capability and solid industry experience for more than 20 years, Delta offers industrial automation products and solutions with superior quality, reliability and precision that find application in a broad range of industries, including electronics, components, photoelectric panels and food & beverages. We are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable smart, green manufacturing solutions for global customers, keeping our promise of “Automation for a Changing World”.

Home Automation Solutions

Almost every electrical device and system in your home can be automated, Managed via a smart device ( mobile, tablet ), remote, voice control, centralized or autonomous control has never been so easy. This provides you with improved convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. Think of a Innovative home automation system as a unseen housekeeper, who's always there to give you a helping hand.

Building Automation Solutions

For the professionals who design, build, and manage facilities, the desire to improve efficiency and effectiveness is never-ending. More and more, building automation—intelligent, data-enabled automation and related controls—is how we are helping you achieve your goals.

At Innovative, we make everything from simple, configurable controls for specific kinds of equipment to highly programmable automation systems for entire facilities and campuses.

Our next-generation building automation systems make it possible to extend automated control to every building system—HVAC, lighting, security, and detection—on a single platform. We also make control systems and components for commercial refrigeration equipment as well as a full line of HVAC equipment.

Security Automation

Our Integrated Security offers security solutions for each Industry. With the understanding of best practices and security integration knowledge, we can implement the advanced security system to secure your business. We offer custom integrated security solutions for various enterprises like manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, health care, banking & finance, retail, hotels, and even government agencies. We also serve the security needs of the independent Firms, Enterprises and Government offices.

Solar Solutions

In Innovative we do consultant and provide complete end-to-end solution for green field project and a wide range of solar Products and solutions like Home Lighting System, Street lighting System, Solar Roof Top System, Solar charge controller, Solar inverter, Solar PV Modules

We provide on grid and off grid solutions to our customers, which helps in save electricity and mother nature.